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One night, a friend (eg C ), and I went to our local swingers club (who are the unmarried on the last Friday of the teeniesland month), but was left with teeniesland a couple we know very well there. (P - male and female M ) M is in the fucking department experience, working in a massage parlor, but it is a very nice lady and a great laugh. As always, we had a few drinks before the club, so we were in a celebratory mood when we got there. As soon as we entered teeniesland the Club M is stopped in a small blue mini and it looked great. The discussion soon to hell, and that the three of us Hard- Ons. We asked M if she was in her and she replied : 'I Fuck it,' what a euphemism You entered into a separate room and followed her to C in all second she could hear, ' YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME harder ' was. This was, of course, some of the other kids there and throw in a few minutes there were about six of them out of there and see masturbate. took my time, my God, what switch, especially the clitoris rings, not just hardcore soft here. after me, took P turn your husband to see them all. P When finished, he took all the other guys, one after another, which is a scene n hot! But more than anything was a little hot for me after this. Let me get M P and C hair, but others use condoms, which was wet. This makes me no end, so I asked if she wanted it back, half said no. The sky was full of my cock in pussy cum fall. Then C and P re screwed. A half hour later we were told to talk to sit in the lounge and drink, but strong bollock naked, when M ' to go to someone like the others? ' Damn, I was there like a shot, not in the room next door, but in the middle of the teeniesland living room in front of everyone, this time under her doggy style in the most neglected wet teeniesland hole, he said once. P cum drip leg, when we were in it. Then I had other shit with J, another regular at the club, but could'nt findanother load of cum I hope this story is true for some of you, as it has done for me
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